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How to Register

Step 1: Click on the Register or Join our Community Now.. Button

Step 2: Add your username. Only user lowercase and no spaces. (Recommend first and last name. e.g. johndoe)

Step 3: Add your Name under Profile Details. e.g. John Doe

Step 4: Add your email address

Step 5: Enter in your Password and enter it in again to confirm.

Step 6: Check the box – Yes, I’d like to create a new e-Portfolio

Step 7: Enter in your e-Portfolio URL (required – please use lowercase and no spaces.)

Step 8: Enter in your e-Portfolio Title. (e.g. John’s e-Portfolio)

Step 9: Don’t worry about the Privacy setting. All e-Portfolios are set to password protected.

Step 10:  Check the I agree box to the Terms of Service

Step 11: Check the I am not a Robot box

Step 11: Click the Complete Sign Up button in the lower right side of the page